Presentation of FSR – Danish Auditors

FSR - Danish Auditors is Denmark's trade organisation of auditing, accounting, tax and corporate finance. The association has 650 member firms and 5,300 individual members. The association is the voice of the Danish audit profession - a profession with an annual revenue of about 15 billion DKK.

The mission and vision of FSR – Danish Auditors in Denmark is:


  • To be a prominent and leading trade association and professional association in Denmark
  • To be professional and leading, thus being the recognized and preferred organization and voice of the accounting firms
  • To contribute to a modern, efficient and internationally competitive Danish economy through:
    • credible accounting information
    • trust between companies, financial institutions and authorities
    • competent corporate financial advisory services to Danish businesses - small as well as large
  • A still stronger association has increased legitimacy and impact on its members


  • To ensure the optimal business environment, including ensuring the audit firms' professional and political interests, both nationally and internationally.
  • To be the professional voice of the audit profession in the broad industrial policy debate.
  • To ensure the supply of qualified manpower to the profession, including that it is still possible to train auditors in both large and small accounting firms (the threshold for statutory audit is essential).
  • To ensure the quality of the profession by supporting the large companies as well as the SME segment academically and professionally with quality control, professional tools, business supporting services and appropriate training.
  • To ensure the industry's legitimacy and relevance by profiling the profession’s social value.
  • To create an efficient and responsibly driven association where there is consistency between membership fee and member services.
  • That the association's secretariat is an attractive and functional workplace with competent, committed and motivated employees.

Danish audit institutes merge
The entire Danish audit profession was able to show a new face to the public on 19 May 2011, as the three audit institutes of FSR, the Danish Association of Accountants and REVIFORA (association for younger accountants) merged and assembled into one association under the name of FSR - Danish auditors.

With a larger number of members the new association gets a broader academic and political profile. The vision is not only to protect the industry's interests. We, as an union and a profession, will contribute to a competitive Danish business and a successful Danish economy.

Address of FSR – Danish Auditors:
Revisorernes Hus
Kronprinsessegade 8
DK-1306 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 3393 9191
Fax +45 3311 0913


  • Tom Vile Jensen

    Direktør - Erhvervspolitisk Center

    3369 1051
    4193 3151

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